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Magento mobile development

About 61% of US customers say that if a site has no mobile version, they just leave the site. If you don't have support for mobile browsing yet, you should seriously consider support for a mobile version.

Responsive theme

Using a responsive theme is a good trend in site development. If you build a Magento site from scratch or redevelop an existing theme in your store, using a responsive theme is a good way to attract customers.

It's more flexible than using only mobile/desktop versions, because it also provides a more convenient view for intermediate-size devices like iPads. It's a really good way of making your store optimized for those mobile visitors:

Mobile development

Our certified frontend developers can build a unique theme that will be truly responsive and built according to the latest trends.

Magento mobile theme

If you already have a Magento site and want to provide support for mobile browsing, using a Magento mobile theme is an easier and faster solution for you.

We will adapt a standard Magento mobile theme to your main store colors/theme. You will get the mobile version of your site within 1-2 weeks for a reasonable price.

Custom Magento mobile theme

Besides using a standard Magento mobile theme, building a custom mobile theme is also possible. Our designers will develop a custom mobile design for you including any custom features you want to incorporate in your mobile version.

Building a custom mobile theme is a good option for stores with unique functionality.

Native mobile application for Magento

Using Magento Mobile service, it's possible to build a native iOS or Android application for your store. Our specialists will assist you with the generation, publication, and support of the native Magento Mobile application.

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